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Learn to code HTML And CSS in a day

Learn to code HTML And CSS in a day

Webpage coding for beginners - made easy

HTML and CSS training for absolute beginners in a simple and fun pop-up class.

This hands-on course will teach you the fundamentals of coding web pages and enable you to build a responsive web page in just one day.

Training takes place in small groups (four to six), so everyone gets help. And there are plenty of takeaways and inspiration for next steps so you can continue to progress beyond the course.

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About the day

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Through the day, the course will take attendees through the principles of HTML and CSS step-by-step, clearly explaining the fundamentals which are then implemented in hands-on exercises.

Topics covered include: HTML syntax and structure, adding CSS, using selectors to style HTML, adding images, using Google fonts, advanced text, link and image styling, media queries and creating responsive sites, using Inspect Element to edit templates, and much more.

The course is currently running in pre-launch mode, with courses being offered via the Echo network prior to full launch in the near future.

Why is it a good thing to do?

HTML and CSS are fundamental and valuable skills in today's world. Whether you want to edit your own website or have more control over HTML email templates, this course will set you on the path to mastering web page coding.

The course is designed and led led by Andrew Child, a freelance designer and HTML coder with over 15 years experience in digital marketing and who had developed this course specifically to teach students from a non-technical background.

What people are saying

"We asked Andrew to deliver this course because we noticed huge demand for web development skills amongst the businesses we work with." - Sarah, Echo

"The one-day course covered a lot of ground in an effective and engaging way and made a subject that seemed impenetrable before start to make sense. The day spent with you equipped me with the tools and motivation to find out more about the subject. Thank you so much." - Rob, course attendee

"During the course I found Andrew to be clear, concise, well organised and great at helping the varied abilities understand the content he was delivering, giving each participant the time they needed and making sure everything was understood before moving on. With no question left unanswered and a personable nature Andrew made the day not only informative but enjoyable." - Robin, course attendee